We assist our clients at any stage of the project, from design to post development services (help desk, training, etc), providing the full package for ready to market IT products.

Our team have more than 10 years of experience in the development of mission critical software applications in fields such as oil and gas, marine navigation, seismic data acquisition and processing, GIS and data analysis.



We develop applications for all the major desktop platforms: Windows, Mac OS and GNU/Linux. We ensure the full compatibility of our products with each platform, even when tighter system integration is required.

Simple & Intuitive UI

Powerful doesn't mean cumbersome. We focus on understanding the user's needs when designing our software, providing the best compromise between functionality and user friendliness.


Faster software means better productivity. Depending on your project's domain, we can suggest you the right technology to ensure the delivery of the best performance possible. We are expert in parallel programming using OpenMP, Nvidia CUDA and OpenCL.

Real-time 3D rendering

Our team has an extensive experience in writing real-time 3D rendering software using OpenGL (Desktop and ES profiles) and GLSL.

GIS systems

We have experience with the major open source GIS libraries like PROJ4, GDAL, OpenLayers and DBMS systems with GIS extensions (ProstgreSQL, MySQL / MariaDB).

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We develop stand-alone mobile apps or companion apps for desktop or web applications for all mobile platforms.

We base our solutions on the Qt Mobile framework, Android and iOS SDKs.

Games & VR/AR

We use the Unity 3D Engine and the Unreal Engine 4 frameworks for 2D/3D gaming and AR powered apps.

We provide full support for the integration in the major mobile market places, including mobile advertising support, user statistics monitoring and more.

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Full stack development

Our team will take care of all aspects, from the configuration of the server to the development of backend, frontend and middleware software.


We develop e-Commerce solution with stock, transaction and logistics management modules for your business.

SEO Enabled

We dedicate particular care to the Seach Engine Optimization of your website to enable easy indexing and increment its ranking in the search results.

Rich UI & Responsive Layouts

We have a strong background in the use of many libraries and web development frameworks including JavaEE, Vaadin, Bootstrap, AngularJS, jQuery, Webix, ThreeJs and many more. Thanks to this knowledge we can design user friendly and responsive user interfaces, even for complex web applications.


Linux based firmware

Custom firwmare images tailored to your hardware based on GNU/Linux, including custom software written in C or C++.

User interfaces

Complex graphical user interfaces (touch or not) for control panels, monitoring systems, data acquisition systems, developed using the Qt framework. We also provide low-resources web servers and web interfaces, for screenless devices.

Custom hardware

Design and prototyping of custom digital systems like PC bus interfaces, wireless sensors, positioning pods and more.

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