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About us

We are designers and software developers with more than 10 years of experience. We have consolidated the theoretical skills acquired during our academic training with practice, and we have ventured into projects of various sizes.

Our skills include the analysis and resolution of software engineering problems through a targeted and timely approach based on both the theoretical and the technical level.

We think that communication between all the people involved in a project is important. For this reason, in order to guarantee maximum transparency in the definition of objectives and compliance with deadlines, we are the only interlocutors for our customers.

We like to establish a direct relationship with other developers, users and sales representatives for the definition of the requirements, the analysis of objectives and critical issues, as well as the technical characteristics of software applications.

Sergio Monteleone

Sergio Monteleone


Software engineer, he obtained his MSc in Computer Engineering with honors from the University of Palermo, Italy.

He started his career as a freelancer, designing and developing software solution for data acquisition systems control and automation, data processing and 3D real time visualisation of geophysical data.

He writes weekly for some online magazines such as, and Codemotion magazine.

In his (rare) spare time he plays the keyboard and he likes any life form for which the condition (num_legs <= 4) is true.

Gabriella Giordano

Gabriella Giordano


She obtained her MSc in Computer Engineering with honors from the University of Palermo in 2014.

She started her professional career during her studies, dealing with R&D, design and development of software applications in use in the oil&gas industry.

In her spare time, she writes articles for concerning C++ programming and the Qt framework.

Hobbies and interests: SciFi, dogs & cats, outdoor activities.