DevOps & Agile

Ottimizzazione dei processi di sviluppo e delle risorse.

DevOps & Agile


In IT world DevOps is a the set of practices used to help software management and the implementation of effective deployment strategies.

An good DevOps strategy requires specific skills and appropriate tools.

Our services include:

  • Installation, migration and configuration of versioning tools (git, svn)
  • Implementation of CI / CD pipelines with simplified management through GitLab, Jenkins, AWS CodePipeline
  • Integration of agile methodologies
  • Configuration of Docker containers for development, testing and production also in Swarm mode
  • Configuration of Kubernetes
  • Migration to FaaS and Baas serverless solutions such as Lambda, Cloud Functions and Serverless Docker


Agile is a set of methodologies and practices aimed at optimal management of dynamic projects, where requirements and priorities change constantly and sometimes unpredictably.

For its peculiarities, it is particularly suitable for software development.

However, putting agile methodologies into practice requires a good attitude and participation by all the individuals actively involved in development.

Being agile is not only a matter of skills, but also of discipline and experience.

Each team can apply agile techniques at various levels, depending on their needs and resources, and we can assist you in implementing effective practices to achieve your goals.

Our services include:

  • Customization of agile methodologies based on the analysis of your workflow
  • Effective integration of the Kanban tool to better coordinate team activities
  • Scrum master role
  • Integration of DevOps practices
  • Integration of code review practices for agile development
  • Sprint management

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