Code optimization

We profile and analyze your software to identify and remove bottlenecks and optimize resources usage.


Optimizing a software application means implementing strategies to improve the quality of the code and the overall efficiency in multiple ways: raw execution speed, resources usage (such as memory, storage, computing power), optimizing I/O patterns, total executable footprint (both in memory and on disk), startup time.

The end result is typically an observable performance improvement, which also positively impacts the overall user experience.

Optimization, in its most sophisticated declinations, is a process that involves the revision of the source code by an expert, assisted by specific tools such as static analyzers and profilers for the determination of the characteristics of the executable and the its dynamic behavior.

For some languages, such as C and C ++, optimization is also a crucial phase of the compilation process that can be configured to maximize the parameters of interest.

Review, porting & other additions

In some cases, the outcome of the optimization process may not be entirely satisfactory because it clashes with the limits of the underlying technology.

For example, applications written in bytecode languages ​​such as Java or C # may be affected by the memory management policies performed by the garbage collector. Or the implementation of an algorithm by sequential programming can limit its applicability to large datasets.

In these cases it may be necessary to re-implement some parts of the application with the use of different technologies or the integration of alternative policies for the management of resources.

We optimize your software application by performing:

  • Architectural review of the entire application
  • Development of computing libraries optimized through OpenMP
  • Development of computing libraries based on Nvidia CUDA and OpenCL for the execution of high parallelism algorithms on graphic accelerators and compatible CPUs

Do you need software optimization for your applicaton?