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Modern software projects are characterized by the adoption of various technologies available today in the IT field. From the small application for mobile devices to the complex application software of data anlytics, the realization of a complete software solution does not end with the implementation of functional requirements.

The integration of services, such as the management of updates, licenses, monitoring of activities, and much more is essential. These services require the implementation or integration of complementary technologies. For example, a desktop application, developed in C&plus&plus language, can use a web service developed in Node.js to receive update notifications.

To meet these requirements, a set of heterogeneous skills and specific development tools are required. This generally involves the need to make significant investments. The resulting burdens can therefore limit the ability to implement in-house software projects.

Moga software provides a complete solution offering high expertise at competitive costs.



Outsourcing development and consulting

We are able to take care of the realization of a software project in its entirety, from the preliminary analysis phase to the distribution and support.

During the active phases of development, an integral part of our activity consists in keeping the client informed of the state of work through direct and frequent communications in text form, but also with audio and video reports depending on the case and preferences.

For already started projects, we can actively integrate with the customer development team, both remotely and on-site, offering specific support to compensate for any temporary shortcomings.

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