Desktop applications

Powerful and easy-to-use multi-platform applications.

Standalone applications for Microsoft Windows, MacOS and Linux

The development of efficient desktop applications requires specific knowledge of the key features of each target platform. Details such as how to deploy and install the application, the centralized management of the storage of settings or the management of user profiles may vary depending on the operating system.

Building desktop applications compatible with multiple operating systems, with the same level of user experience regardless of the underlying platform, is a real technological challenge. Moga software is proud to boast a proven track record in the design and development of multi-platform applications and services.

We create applications that can interact at a low level with the services offered by the operating system, through the use of system APIs or, where required, the development of customized drivers (or modules).

In the design of multi-platform applications we pay particular attention to the specific characteristics of the target operating systems, taking into account, for example, the scheduling policies of the processes, threading models, file system caching policies and more. This guarantees an ideal application behavior and maximized use of the available computing resources.

Beyond the specific functional requirements of each project, the applications we develop integrate the following features on request:

  • Multilanguage support for GUI applications
  • Automatic management and configuration of access privileges for services or system daemons
  • Distribution by self-installing executable
  • Automatic update distribution framework
  • Digital signature in compliance with the security requirements of the main operating systems

For the development of standalone applications we prefer the use of specific technologies for each platform in order to maximize performance and integration with the host system.

We develop modules for direct driver interaction or the integration of API derived from standard specifications for adapters and other system peripherals.

Programming languages and frameworks

The languages in which we are particularly fluent are C++, C, Java, C # (and other .NET languages), PHP, JavaScript, Python.

We also have experience and familiarity with:

  • Application frameworks including Qt / C ++ and QML, Microsoft .NET, Node.js
  • Specific 3D rendering libraries such as OpenGL and DirectX
  • Libraries for georeferencing as GDAL / OGR, proj4

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