Web applications

Web sites and applications, middleware and microservices, front-end and back-end.

Applications and web-oriented services

The web-based paradigm has incorporated many of the features that were previously used by standalone applications. Among the advantages of this type of software are the centralized management of services and resources, the extension of the user base to mobile devices and the simplicity in managing updates.

Regardless of the technologies used and the architecture of the application, the most critical issues relate essentially to deployment, security, scalability and resilience.

Our skills include development, deployment and configuration of web applications and related management services.

Middleware and microservices

We design architectures distributed on the web (on premises or in the cloud) to convey your services in a scalable and secure way:

  • Design and implementation of services based on RESTful and SOAP APIs
  • Configuration and management of services based on Docker containers
  • Integration of container management systems (orchestrators) such as Kubernetes and Docker in Swarm mode
  • Installation and configuration of VMware and Proxmox virtualization systems

Web applications

We design complete solutions for back-end and front-end systems:

  • Implementation of responsive interfaces for front-ends
  • Integration of UI frameworks based on the reactive paradigm (React, Angular)
  • NoSQL cache and database integration (Redis, CouchDB, Elasticsearch, MongoDB)
  • Integration of MySQL and PostgreSQL DBMS systems
  • Implementation of back-end services (PHP, Node.js)
  • Design of web server oriented applications (Vaadin framework)

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