Version 2.6.55 - 2020-08-01

  • New feature (MAG): we are happy to announce the release of SeaView MAG;
  • New feature (SBP): time to depth conversion;
  • New feature (SBP): export SEG-Y files with depth scale;
  • New feature (MAP): loading splash screen;
  • Bug fix (MAP): tooltip data may be incorrect for polygon shapes;
  • Bug fix (MAP): contact image export settings window did not retain previous settings;
  • Bug fix (MAP): vector layers export did not handle drag offsets correctly;
  • Bug fix (SBP): using the auto tracker while the swell filter is enabled may produce wrong results;
  • SBP reflectors are now sorted alphabetically;
  • New tabbed UI layout for processing panels;
  • Improved polyline and polygon editing mode;
  • Improved speed of manual navigation editing tool;

Version 2.5.81 - 2020-06-24

  • New feature (MAP): new custom CRS editor;
  • New feature (MOSAIC, SBP): create custom plots from metadata table;
  • New feature (MOSAIC, SBP): export metadata as CSV and plot images;
  • New feature (MOSAIC): clone navigation option can now copy view extents and bottom track too;
  • New feature (MOSAIC): import navigation now loads KP numbers too;
  • New feature (SBP): SEG-Y export can now convert sample format to integer and floating point;
  • New feature (SBP): SEG-Y export now populates the text header automatically;
  • New feature (SBP): When picking contacts on a 2D profile, burial depths are calculated automatically (if the seabed reflector is present);
  • New feature (MAP): drag option now works on multiple selection;
  • Bug fix (MAP): perimeter or area labels may show a null value after initial selection;
  • Bug fix (MAP): flickering may occur when attempting to reset the map orientation multiple times;
  • Bug fix (MOSAIC): in bottom tracker, offset adjustment buttons did not respect the current channel selection;
  • Bug fix (MOSAIC): translated lines may disappear from screen if the translation offset is greater than several hundreds meters;
  • Bug fix (MOSAIC): when loading legacy SDF files, some metadata fields may remain uninitialized;
  • Metadata format and plot settings are now saved automatically;
  • Improved polyline and polygon editing mode;
  • Improved performance during sonar navigation editing;
  • Geospatial library and built-in CRS database updated to latest versions;

Version 2.4.79 - 2020-06-04

  • Bug fix (MOSAIC): fixed an issue which may cause incorrect output scale when exporting GeoTIFF files with ft-US unit;

Version 2.4.77 - 2020-05-26

  • New feature (MOSAIC, SBP): processing history allows keeping track of previous processing runs and reverting to any of them;
  • New feature (MAP): new CRS tool designed to test projections and CRS transformations;
  • New feature (MOSAIC): added options to import SSDM files for standard contact classes and tags;
  • New feature (MOSAIC): improved manual navigation editing mode prevents rectification when entering in editing mode;
  • New feature (MOSAIC): new navigation import batch mode to import multiple navigation logs at once;
  • New feature (MOSAIC): new "tiled output" option in the Export mosaic window;
  • New feature (MOSAIC): added a search option in the contact editor to select the source line;
  • New feature (MOSAIC): it is now possible to export GeoTIFF mosaic files with the map background color (rather than using a transparent background);
  • New feature (MOSAIC): data inspector now shows KP, sonar name and recording program name, if available;
  • New feature (SBP): manual navigation editing is now available in SBP too;
  • New feature (SBP): added an "offset" option to the mute operator;
  • Bug fix (MAP): fixed a bug which prevented to load GeoTIFF files without valid SRS tags or .TFW files;
  • Bug fix (MAP): adding attachments to the project will no longer cause the map view to reset to (0,0);
  • Bug fix (MOSAIC): contact positions are updated automatically when splitting or merging lines or editing the navigation data;
  • Bug fix (MOSAIC): improved handling of corrupted XTF files at import stage;
  • Improved project loading time;

Version 2.3.42 - 2020-04-29

  • New feature (MAP): project bookmarks;
  • New feature (MAP): added an option to set the group during import;
  • New feature (MAP): import contacts from CSV files;
  • New feature (SBP): slope auto-tracker;
  • New feature (SBP): interactive TVG cure editor;
  • New feature (SBP): trace and time / depth windows for all signal processing modules;
  • New feature (MOSAIC): time based navigation import;
  • New feature (MOSAIC): interactive swath viewer;
  • New feature (MOSAIC): global transparency control;
  • Improved performance while selecting multiple objects at once;
  • Improved performance of selection rectangle;
  • SBP: added an option to ignore the number of channels header field during import;
  • SBP: processing panels collapsed status is now preserved in subsequent processing runs;

Version 2.2.13 – 2020-03-23

  • New feature: Presentations and Movies allows to create stunning animated presentations and video clips directly from your SeaView project;
  • New feature: selection rectangle, allows to select multiple objects at once from map / 3D view;
  • New feature: batch selection window now allows to work with the current selection;
  • SBP: Improved compatibility with certain SES-2000 format variants;
  • in particular, artifacts at the edge of a start of record delay change are no longer visible;
  • SBP - bugfix: improved compatibility with HiDPI screens;
  • SBP - bugfix: changing profile with prev / next buttons while picking is enabled causes a corruption in the current reflector;
  • SBP - bugfix: interpretation lines drawn at wrong depth while exporting SBP profile images;
  • MOSAIC – bugfix: canceling mosaic export when re-projecting is enabled still triggers the re-projection procedure;
  • MOSAIC – bugfix: contact export preview image always shows the entire mosaic rather than the line linked to the contact;

Version 2.1.77 – 2020-03-12

  • New feature: “Focus” (F2) now works with multiple selected objects at once;
  • New feature: BAC edge skip allows to exclude from the amplitude distribution model samples at the edge of the profile;
  • Bugfix: drag & drop for re-ordering lines in the sonar merger window does not work properly;
  • Bugfix: adding an item to a group re-enable the entire group;
  • Bugfix: DXF output did not export point features (contacts) correctly;
  • Improved performance of 2D SBP window;

Version 2.1.21 - 2020-02-27

  • New feature pipelines. This tool allows the user to create 3D pipelines by connecting contacts and / or MAG anomalies. Pipelines are visible in the 3D windows as well as on intersecting SBP profiles;
  • Improved user interface for the export vector layers window;
  • New feature: metadata windows. These allow to inspect and export the header fields of each SSS / SBP line in the project;
  • MOSAIC: new “mute water column” processing operator;
  • MOSAIC: new “merge” function allows to create a new line by merging existing ones;

Version 2.0.53 - 2020-01-05

  • New feature: attachments. This feature allows to add documents, pictures, movies and more to an existing SeaView project;
  • A new property setting allows to set the layer ordering for vector, raster and side-scan data for the MOSAIC plugin.
  • The metadata information associated to vector features (e.g. DBF data stored with shape files)  is now available for inspection in the property window of each vector layer.
  • A new option allows to draw text labels on the map view with the length and area measurement of each shape.
  • SBP: split tool for SBP lines
  • SBP: new tool: zoom rectangle in 2D windows
  • SBP: new tool: measurement tool in 2D windows
  • SBP: intersecting lines are now visible in 2D windows
  • SBP: improved swell filter output quality
  • SBP: new burst noise removal processing operator;
  • MOSAIC: new option to track both port and starboard channels independently at the same time;
  • MOSAIC: the bottom line can now be hidden in waterfall view;

Version 1.11.158 – 2019-12-19

  • New SBP and SSS database windows;
  • New zoom rectangle tool in 3D / map view
  • New option: when a project folder or a group is selected, the properties panel lists how many objects and groups it contains;
  • A new "Keep" option used to hold grid and scale settings when switching lines using the Prev/Next buttons;
  • MOSAIC: New interactive manual editing tool for navigation editing;
  • MOSAIC: New “clone navigation” option which allows to copy processed navigation to other lines;
  • MOSAIC: New “Auto group” option allows to group sonar lines automatically based on frequency, date and ranges;
  • MOSAIC: Added an option to display range lines in waterfall windows
  • SBP: new parametric TVG processing operator
  • SBP: new seabed flattening static processing tool;
  • SBP: added an option to display interval lines in 2D windows

Version 1.10.33 – 2019-11-06

  • New sync window button in waterfall view to sync it with the 3D map view;
  • Added support for Humminbird .DAT/.SON format;
  • New: picking and editing contacts from the waterfall view;
  • New tool: merge contacts, which can merge multiple contacts into one;
  • New contact metadata: confidence;
  • New nadir transparency option;
  • It is now possible to set any processing sequence as the default sequence;
  • It is now possible to import corrected navigation for side scan sonar from CSV files;

Version 1.9.89 2019-10-10

  • First release of SeaView SBP;
  • New data management tools allow to create custom groups of project resources;
  • The installation software for Windows now checks if SeaView is running in background;
  • bugfix: The sonar frequency metadata was not loaded correctly for some formats;
  • bugfix: fixed a layout issue with HiDPI screens in the export contacts window;

Version 1.8.102 - 2019-09-13

  • The properties panel now allows to set the parameters of all the selected objects at once (if applicable);
  • Mosaic GeoTIFF output can now export RGB colorized images or RAW 32 bit backscatter data;
  • Waterfall display scale is now expressed in pings per cm;

Version 1.8.54 - 2019-08-26

  • New merge navigation tool allows to merge multiple lines seamlessly;
  • Added ping interval options to the bottom tracker to restrict it to a specific section of the line;
  • Added an option to remove the nadir zone data and cut ranges from the middle of the line;
  • New option to add user defined projections;
  • Updated projection database, with SRS grouped by type;
  • New contact picking modes: when creating a new contact the contact editor is opened automatically;
  • to pick multiple contact quickly, hold the CTRL key;
  • The contact editor now has two buttons and two keyboard shortcuts to quickly change contact;
  • New export navigation option allows to export navigation data to CSV and Coda CNV formats;
  • Improved measurement tool precision;
  • Added an option in the Export mosaic function to ignore export the full ranges when using the "one by one" option;
  • The waterfall vertical scale is now saved independently for each line in the project;
  • Fixed an issue with the JSF format timestamp field;
  • Added experimental support for the new Klein MA-X VIEW 600 system;
  • Common keyboard shortuct keys are now shown in menu entries and are listed in the user manual;

Version 1.7.94 - 2019-07-04

  • New spike removal filter for navigation processing;
  • It is now possible to open multiple waterfall windows and to synchronize them (useful when working with multi-frequency lines);
  • Added an option to display the backscatter amplitude plot either in linear or logarithmic (dB) scale;
  • Added an option to export georeferenced contact images as GeoTIFF files;
  • Fixed a precision issue which may affect the measurement tool, depending on the working projection;
  • Improved user interface layout on small screens;
  • Improved readability of the light user interface theme;
  • Improved user interface for data import, with options specific to each format;
  • Added an option to export the symbols when creating contact images;
  • Fixed an issue which may prevent working with files with non Latin characters in their path;
  • Fixed an issue which affected the mosaic output, producing wrong georeferenced values under certain conditions;
  • Fixed an issue which may cause very long processing times when exporting mosaic images if navigation data has spikes;
  • Fixed an issue which affected some projections in the built-in database causing the usage of a wrong linear unit;

Version 1.6.179 - 2019-06-03

  • Improved bottom tracking tools with a refined user interface;
  • Easier data management: import and export dialogs now point to the last selected directory;
  • Improved compatibility with JSF files;
  • Fixed an issue that may prevent to open the user manual on some platforms;
  • Overall improved performance and stability with minor bug fixes;