Do you already have a development team? We can work side by side with your developers, providing our experience in software optimization, code reviewing, and software protection (obfuscation, low level protections, hardware dongles).


Code Analysis

Developing secure software applications is a must to protect your intellectual property and know-how.

Our services include the analysis of binary executables to detect vulnerabilities and the application of the most advanced techniques for code obfuscation.

License dongles

Hardware dongles are widely used for software authentication and license management.

We can assist you in the integration of third party hardware dongles into your product, or design a custom hardware protection system tailored to your specific needs.

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Training courses

We provide training courses for the following topics:

  • Introduction to C++
  • Programming with C++11 and C++14
  • Multithreaded programming in C++
  • OpenGL and GLSL
  • Parallel programming with C++ and Open MP
  • Parallel programming with Nvidia CUDA and OpenCL
  • Qt Widgets/C++ development
  • Cross platform development
  • GNU/Linux desktop and embedded
  • Embedded systems development with Qt Quick 2.0
  • Versioning tools (git, svn)

In each course the trainee will receive theoretical foundations and test his or her new skills in real case scenarios.

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A well-organized codebase is essential to optimize your software development cycle. To help you maintain high quality code, we provide review services and suggest best practices to your developers.

When needed, we can assist with code refactoring and writing documentation to ensure your code is adherent to the desired coding and commenting convention.


Optimal performance is the key to maximize productivity. However, optimizing code can be a long and complex task.

We can take care of the optimization efforts for you profiling your application, identifying bottle necks and providing solutions to obtain the best performance in a cost effective manner.


Maintaining and old codebase can be expensive, especially when it is based on legacy technology. Moreover, ensuring full compatibility with newer platforms is essential to maintain a position on the market.

We offer porting services to migrate your code base to modern standards and platforms, ensuring maximum compatibility and reliability.

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