High resolution interactive side scan sonar data processing and interpretation, without downsampling.

Side scan sonar processing and interpretation made easy.
Unmatched resolution

SeaView MOSAIC is the first hydrographic software for side-scan sonar systems which allows the user to edit side-scan mosaics interactively at full resolution, without down-sampling, delivering true high-resolution seafloor imagery with unmatched quality.


SeaView is designed to deliver the best performance possible, thanks to its 64 bit multi-threaded processing engine.


Thanks to its modern architecture, SeaView can process side-scan sonar data interactively at full resolution, delivering the best output quality.

Easy to use

Powerful does not mean complicated. SeaView has a streamlined user interface which makes it intuitive and easy to use even to novice users.

Powerful and fast processing
All included

Proprietary Beam Angle Correction algorithm performs precise radiometric corrections with ease.

Powerful de-striping algorithm removes any striping noise quickly and effectively.

Data is always processed at full resolution and with full dynamic range. No compromises, better results.

Integrated modules. Using MOSAIC, SBP and MAG at the same time for precise yet quick data interpretation.

Fully compatible with standard formats: Triton XTF, Edgetech JSF, Klein SDF, Humminbird .SON

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