SEG-Y Inspector

Free utility to inspect, edit and export SEG-Y header fields.

SEG-Y headers made easy.

SeaView SEG-Y Inspector let you visualise, edit, plot and export SEG-Y header fields.

It can automatically detect malformed SEG-Y files and warn the user about the possible compatiblity issues a file may have.

It supports SEG-Y files rev 0, 1 and 2.

All included
SEG-Y inspector plotting tool
Built-in plotting tool

The built-in plot tool can plot both the seismic trace data and / or the selected header field values, making it an excellent rapid QC tool.

SEG-Y inspector editing
Math based editing

SEG-Y Inspector lets you edit SEG-Y header fields directly, by typing in the desired values, or with the help of powerful user-defined math expressions.

SeaView SBP
Built-in header fields search

The built-in search engine lets you easily filter data by field names to quickly identify the columns you want to inspect or edit.

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