SeaView SBP

The complete solution for processing and interpretation of sub-bottom profiler data.

Sub-bottom profiles processing and interpretation made easy.
Rich set of interpretation tools

Pick reflectors easily with the automatic tracker. Use correlated data such as cores, pipelines and more to enhance interpretation accuracy.


SeaView is designed to deliver the best performance possible, thanks to its 64 bit multi-threaded processing engine.


Thanks to its modern architecture, SeaView can process sub-bottom data interactively at full resolution, delivering the best output quality.

Easy to use

Powerful does not mean complicated. SeaView has a streamlined user interface which makes it intuitive and easy to use even to novice users.

A fresh approach to sub-bottom data analysis. Request a free trial Powered by SeaView SBP
Powerful and fast processing
All included

Enhanced signal processing tools for amplitude recovery (time variant gain, trace equalisation, burst noise removal), advanced filtering(band-pass and time variant filters).

Perform accurate static corrections such as heave compensation, source-depth correction, tide compensation, swell filtering and more.

Trace by trace navigation processing with filtering, spikes removal and oversampling allow to compute individual navigation for each trace.

Compatible with industry standards: SEG-Y (rev 0,1 and 2), XTF, Innomar SES-2000 and Edgetech JSF.